About Moi

Vegan food. It’s what I do. I like it. A lot. Maybe you do too. If so, come along with me and explore Plant Yum Yum.

What? You want more info? I don’t really believe you, but okay, fine.

I’m a lefty. I married Taylor- we met in high school art class. He is an artist.We have two children. I home school. We have a black lab named Deborah Delphine- Debbie for short. Currently, we live in Virginia, and we like it. I have giant boobs. My favorite show is Absolutely Fabulous. I probably drink too much wine on a daily basis (refer back to the fact that I home school). I really like birds. I also really like match books. Fickle is my middle name. Not really- it’s Elizabeth, but it should be fickle.  I love the idea of entertaining, but hate to actually do it. I love the idea of a wild sex life, but god, so much effort. Also, I confess- I put half and half in my coffee every morning. Whatever, don’t judge. Have you tried almond creamer- I pretty sure it’s a bodily fluid from the devil himself.

So, what about you? Give me some good juicy stuff about you! xox


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