Homemade Yogurt


Ugh, it just sounds so pretentious doesn’t it?  “Well…… I only eat fresh, homemade yogurt that I then lovingly feed to my super-wholesome family.”

But you see, I have a very hard time finding decent yogurt in your everyday grocery stores.  Do you know what the ingredients are for yogurt?  Milk and cultures.  Or, if you’re making it homemade, the ingredients are milk and a spoonful of yogurt.  Doesn’t get more basic then that.  But have you looked at the ingredients label of flavored, fat free yogurt?  It’s long and scary.  Why are there so many ingredients?  Well, you try making a tasty non fat, no sugar, artificially sweetened yogurt and see how many ingredients you need to make it palatable.

I decided enough was enough.  I was tired of driving 30 minutes to a decent grocery store just to find some acceptable yogurt.  I called up my most amazing friend Jen and begged for her yogurt recipe.  She graciously shared.  I discovered Jen’s yogurt when I went to her house for lunch a couple weeks ago, and she was kind enough to share her precious yogurt with me.  And it was a spoonful of heaven.  You know when plain yogurt is quite sour and makes your face do this?

Sour face.

Sour face.

Well, this yogurt doesn’t have that bitter, sour flavor at all.  It’s honestly great just plain.  That said, it takes it to a whole new yogurt level with a drizzle of honey.

Please please use whole milk to make this recipe!  And organic if you can splurge.  And if you wanna be extra crazy, buy a share of a cow on a participating farm (at least here in VA) and get fresh milk directly from your cow every week.

One last note- the yogurt must sit in a cooler filled 1/2 way up your jar with your hottest tap water for 7-9 hours.  This is a long time, so my advice is to let it sit overnight while getting your much-needed 8 hours of beauty sleep.

Homemade Yogurt


  • milk
  • plain yogurt, room temperature

Other tools:

  • non-reactive pot, such as stainless steel or enameled
  • food thermometer


Begin with a very clean, non-reactive pot.

Milk warming, slowly, very slowly.

Milk warming, slowly, very slowly.

SLOWLY heat your milk, uncovered.  How much milk?  That depends?  How much yogurt do you want to make?  I used 4 cups, or 1 quart of milk. Do not let your milk boil.  Continue to heat up the milk until it reaches of a temperature between 180-185 degree F.  This will take about 20-30 minutes, but it doesn’t need much attention.  You just need to stir every once in a while and check it’s temp.  Meanwhile, look up pictures of Ryan Gosling on the computer.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

Okay milk is hot (and now so are you after your Ryan Gosling fantasies).  So, remove the pot from the heat, and let the milk cool to 110-115 degrees F.

Meanwhile, make sure your jar or container is very clean too.  Put 2 tbsp. plain yogurt per quart (4 cups) of milk into your jar.  So, if you’re making 2 cups of yogurt, add 1 tbsp. yogurt.  Yay math.

Pour your warm milk over the yogurt and seal tightly with your lid.

Place your jar in a cooler, and add your hottest tap water 1/2 way up the side of the jar.

Goodnight yogurt

Goodnight yogurt

Let it sit in the cooler for 7-9 hours, then refrigerate and enjoy!

Yogurt heaven

Yogurt heaven with honey

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